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New Stuff


New Recordings
Tony Longworth and I are recording new songs by Tony following a couple of band socials and an attempted rehearsal session earlier this year.  The consensus seems to be that we've played most of the old songs to death, we're not going anywhere with them and we need a fresh new set before we can think about taking it on the road again.  Drummer Dave Bateman is also in on the sessions.  Sessions will of course be taking place in my own Hot Banana Studio...
Phil Quinton October 2009

Dave Bateman @ Hot Banana, October 2009

Tony Longworth @ Hot Banana, Oct 2009

Phil Quinton @ Hot Banana, October 2009

Thursday 11th February 2010

As there is so little going on in my life with regard to live bands or Monophobia I have decided to have a crack at a sort of solo studio album under the name Mr Dogbolter.  Unintentional echoes of Steve Pelly's "Mr. Dogbite" project from 1994 or maybe Tony Longworth's song "Mr Diver"; it's actually a reference to an obscure character from a 1980's Doctor Who Marvel Comics strip.  It is a totally collaborative project in that I am opening the studio doors to anybody I know who fancies chipping in with musical, vocal or songwriting talent as I am fairly lacking in all three - quite a handicap for anyone wishing to record a solo album.
In essence it is going back to the original 1990's version of Monophobia where I used to hole myself up with a mate in a recording studio (or a room with a 4-track recorder), record and mix something in one day/night and declare it a rap!  The reason I am not calling it Monophobia now is out of respect to the bandmembers who helped change Monophobia from a studio-based joke to a gigging indie band in 2001.  Although I am hoping to get them involved anyway.  (I suppose I could have called it Monophobia 3.)
I am uploading the works in progress to the myspace page before they are anywhere finished so that friends and old bandmates can hear how it's going and hopefully help me along.  If you want to chip in, get in touch with me through myspace or facebook.
Phil Quinton, February 2010

Reunion Gig Remixed
Having recently finished building my new recording studio (Hot Banana) I have jumped on the opportunity to remix last years reunion gig video shot at The Purple Turtle in Camden Town, London where Monophobia reformed for the first time in almost six years.  The video footage was provided by Paul Constable, guitarist for post-punk band Gnap (whom I recorded a couple of times in rehearsal rooms in Mill Hill and East Acton with Monophobia drummer Dave Bateman providing the beat) and the music recording was straight from the desk of the sound engineer who recorded it as 16-bit digital multitrack allowing me to take time to do my own mix and get it sounding really professional.
The full video is up on MySpace TV now.  There will be an abridged version for Facebook and a short sampler edit for the rather redundant but inexplicably ubiquitous YouTube.  And here it is >>>  Enjoy!   >>>

Phil Quinton
Oct 2009