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Doctor Who Archive

BBC Radio and BBCi

BBC Television Series
BBC Radio and BBCi
Big Finish Productions
Spinoff Series

(Items in red are not in my collection)
BBC Radio & Internet Serials
Jon Pertwee
The Paradise of Death (Radio 5, 1993)
The Ghosts of N-Space (Radio 4, 1996)
Tom Baker
The Pescatons (independent radio, 1976)
Exploration Earth: The Time Machine (Radio 4, 1976)
Colin Baker
Slipback (Radio 4, 1985)
Real Time (BBCi, 2002)
Sylvester McCoy
Death Comes to Time (BBCi, 2001)
Paul McGann
Shada (BBCi, 2003)
The Sword of Orion (Radio 7, 2005)
The Chimes of Midnight (Radio 7, 2005)
Richard E. Grant
Scream of the Shalka (BBCi, 2003)