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Spaghelli and the Dogbytes

The Pre-History of The Dogbytes...

Spaghelli & The Dogbytes formed in the summer of 2006, but the roots go back to 1991 when rapper Steve Pelly and student media techie Phil Quinton met at West Herts College in Watford.  A student in the year above Phil, Steve was already in a superb band called A Space + A Half when Phil started to hog the college recording studio for project soundtracks.  Between 1992 and 1994 Phil got gradually more involved with A Space + A Half initially on a technical level (demos and live videos) and then, belatedly, on a more creative level, gaining an interest in Steve's writing and finally joining the band scant months before it split.
Steve also recorded a solo demo in 1994 under the name Mr Dogbite, which moved Phil to work with Steve again in the capacity of producer, believing that he could do better backing tracks.  But having gone their seperate ways after college Phil didn't get chance to record anything with Steve until 2002, during which time both Steve and Phil were in a succession of other bands: Steve's bands being in the punk/metal vein (Sonic Jihad, Cop-Car Pile-Up) whilst Phil's were more in the indie/britpop vein (Jeray, Monophobia). 
Now both living in London, Phil invited Steve to his home studio with the intention of producing a new Mr Dogbite album, possibly under the updated name Dogbyte.  The first somewhat experimental album was finished in 2003 but went instead under the new name Spaghelli (Steve's nickname).
Steve and Phil continued to record as Spaghelli, which by 2004 became their sole musical outlet as their other bands split.  This cleared the way for them to begin a new band based on the recordings that they had been working on, although it took them two more years to do anything about it, during which time they completed several new tracks (more melodic and accessable than the earlier recordings) which would end up comprising the bulk of the new band's first set.
Steve Hearne joined in summer 2006.  He had already been in two previous bands with Phil (Jeray and Monophobia) between 1998 and 2001, plus numerous other bands in Devon and London (Feline Groovy, Crush, HeadZoo, Danzawobble, The Phugs/Dislocated Thumbs) between 1990 and 2005.  An experienced, creative, versatile guitarist inspired by punk rock and new wave.  Steve also makes original old-skool techno music vids.
Dave Bateman (drums) joined at pretty much the same time.  He was a later member of Monophobia in 2001/2002.  Dave has probably been in hundreds of bands since he started drumming (back in the early '90s?), and although he is inspired by loud American metal, he mostly plays in covers bands.  He also writes drum reviews for online drummer magazines.
Adam Mycroft also joined the band on a more casual basis as occasional keyboard player.  A multi-instrumentalist influenced by '90s indie, Adam was in the same class as Phil at college, was in a great britpop band called Phaser for many years, and has known Steve Pelly and Phil since 1991.  Adam also makes short films and is learning web design.
On 1st November 2006, after a good rehearsal and some overpriced shandies at an underheated pub in North Acton, this band of old friends decided on Spaghelli & The Dogbytes as the new band name. 
On 10th March 2007 Steve, Steve, Dave and Phil went into the legendary Gracelands Studios, East Acton, (the best rehearsal space in West London) to start work on their first EP "The Storm".  Tracks include an extended version of Body Parts Strewn Across The Lawn, This Time Last Year, Neuroleptic Waltz and an updated version of Holiday In Cancun
The completed tracks will appear on, and during the spring of 2007 followed by videos on and in the summer.

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