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Sites and Sounds

The Links Page


This page contains links to all sites, bands and artists connected with Monophobia. The various music hosting sites also feature thousands of other unsigned bands worldwide.

Check out these amazing bands...

The fabulous Valentine Jeep Site

The Mighty SAMSON... indie-electro rock darlings!


While Phaser lives Britpop can never die...


The Honeymoon's Over... Tony's ultimate band!

Aaron's new website under construction...

The Mickey Winn site

The Emma Tricca site

Free State Prophets... the boys done good!

Click here to see pictures from the recording sessions

Joy Division / New Order album cover designs for your desktop...

DOWNLOAD MP3s... You can listen to Monophobia and Spaghelli tracks on the following sites:





MP3 Australia

More links for bands and other stuff...

GRACELANDS REHEARSAL STUDIOS: Friendly, grungy underground band rooms in West London with decent kit, helpful owner, flexible hours, kitchen area, shop, and unbelievably good rates. Perfect for weekend DIY recording sessions!

Slap Studio: A very professional recording studio in Brixton with two easygoing, hard-working engineers on the case.

New Musical Express

BANDMAN! Excellent new site for good insigned UK bands to get reviews. Started in 2006.

The Bull & Gate site.